About Us

The Halifax Charity Gala is organised by a small group of hard working volunteers. There is no 'average' Committee member and each individual brings their own unique skills to the group. Some have been there for years, others are just completing their first. Some roles within the Committee change each year - the Baby Contest organiser is one that no one seems to want to keep! However everyone has an input and responsibility for making the Halifax Charity Gala happen.

This small group of local people simply give up their time to help other local people - many Committee members have had an involvement with the Halifax Charity Gala for a number of years through other Organisations. The Committee do not benefit in anyway, nor (unlike some events) do they have any say in which charities the Gala supports - any local charity, youth group or voluntary organisation can apply to become a member and benefit from the Halifax Charity Gala. They do it simply for the greater good and the fact that it is actually quite good fun!

Apart from giving up the second weekend in June to the Gala - on site all day every day from Friday to Sunday - the Committee also meet around once a month throughout the year to plan the event - as one Gala finishes the next one is only 364 days away and planning must begin... The Committee have lots to do - advertising, licences, meetings with the council and police, arranging the fairground, concessions, entertainers, first aiders, water supply, fencing, security, banners, signs, army, communications, the Mayor, an HGV break down vehicle, hundreds of yellow cones, miles of blue rope for the arenas, car parks and boundaries, awards, prizes, judges, babies, pets, programmes - the list is all but endless!

Yet the Committee repeatedly stage a very successful event raising on average around £25,000 each year for local good causes and attracting as many as 10,000 visitors.

The Committee are always looking for more Committee members, charities and volunteers (both individuals and organisations). If this is you please have a look at our volunteers page or contact us.

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